Aizhan Family

I had the pleasure of meeting Aishan and her kiddos Dariya and Danay at American Top Team. ( you can see my previous post about our kiddos at private class here). Aizhan is from a little place close to Russia. She braved the overwhelming fear of relocating for the school year and traveled with her kids to America so that they can learn English. Pretty amazing right?? That jump takes so much dedication and love for your kids. To put yourself last. To leave your husband, family and friends. To want the best learning techniques for them that you cross countries for it to happen.   Mamma I applaud you! 

 We got to talking during the many hours our kids have class together. You can say we pretty much covered everything under the sun. It's so neat to hear about others lives outside of the U.S. When she realized I was a photographer she began to tell me that she has no pictures with her kids. Like NONE other then birth. 

Needless to say we booked one ASAP! It was so fun to watch Aizhan play and enjoy her kids on the beach. The giggles and laughter, the fun and messy sand, it all just makes me so happy! 

With each session I do, I love to get a few  images of mom. We get overlooked sometimes and our beauty may go unnoticed with all the mom-ing we do. Can I just say she is so gorgeous! You cannot help but smile back at her. For me, being a mom myself, I really like to just soak in these moms and who they are and what they have to offer. She is strong and powerful inside and out! 

Press play and enjoy this sweet mamma and her kiddos!