Where do books go to Die?

Where do books go to die? ... The Mountain of Knowledge. Well, in this case a loading dock behind Grace Works Ministries in Franklin, TN. 

A local Bookstore was evicted in Franklin, TN from their storage unit last Thursday. The storage company's owner piled all the belongings in the unit outside, per Tennessee Law, giving a chance for the evicted occupant to claim their belongings. 


I got a text from a friend telling us to go check it out.That being the first time I heard of the avalanche of books. I forwarded the picture she sent to my husband, because he is a big book worm. The day started and I didn't get out there as early as I would have hoped. Honestly, I almost didn't go at all because well, kids. Nevertheless, I made it out of the house. Not knowing where this Mountain of Knowledge as I'm calling it was, I just drove. Truth be told, it's the only way to keep my kiddos quiet sometimes.

I decided I would pull out my GPS and see if it was even near where I was. AHH, I was only 4 minutes away! Well, of course we just had to stop. And when we did, it started pouring! We waited until the rain stopped and headed behind the building.

The images speak for themselves.