Rain, Rain, Go Away...but not before we play.

Press Play and Soak in our Rainy Day! 

South Florida Summers are like Midwest winters in a sense that we stay in a lot and have to prepare for the 24/7 heat.  The pool ( which ends up being bath water warm), cold drinks, shady trees and early morning or late evening beach trips are pretty much how we roll.  So, when you get rain for days at the end of the school year and your school doesn't call a "rain day", mamma calls the shots!

They were ecstatic! Like think of 4th of July fireworks and the best gift ever, that kind of excitement. 


Our complex roads flooded completely. Cars were flooded, some parked next to the buildings (literally), forget wearing shoes, barefoot and sorts it was. It was a bit of a pain but for them it was magic! I decided to let them go out and play in the street before the flooding got worse. There was no direction, no " stand here" " look here" " jump again" . It was all them. Pure. Raw. Their own free spirits playing and enjoying life.  I loved watching them. To stand back and soak it in. To soak up and enjoy what I had a hand in creating and what I continue to mold. It doesn't happen as much as I like. But today, today was different. 

(It ended up raining for 3 days and the water reached between 12-15 inches. Multiple ponds flooded and there were even fish in the streets. Hello Noah's Ark!) A Gallon zip lock bag was used for gear protection (I could barley see what I was shooting with the rain and bag covering my screen.)


At the end of the day, Your feed should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling. -shanti
Hadasiah and Tate were telling me a car was coming. Jaiden was just being a goofball. 

Hadasiah and Tate were telling me a car was coming. Jaiden was just being a goofball. 

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. -Dr. Seuss

*No kids were put in danger in the making of childhood memories ;)