Jones Family

I always get a little nervous when I am on my way to meet a new family.

 First, I pray. I ALWAYS pray. I pray that my nerves are eased, that I am all that they want in their photographer and more, I pray for my confidence ( because no matter how long I have been doing this, I always get a little shakin in the boots), I pray for safety and lastly I pray that our time together not only be about creating family images but it be meaningful and serve a purpose beyond images. 


The Jones family was lovely!!! The connection this family had, I have never seen before. Their genuine joy was so memorizing. The gentleness and soft spoken words were so heart warming. To see parents let their kids BE. To wander and play and really enjoy moments. 

They gave me a peek into their home life during my time with them. It was beautiful and I couldn't help throughout their session want to see more of the love and gentle interaction they had with one another. 

Press play and enjoy! 


ashley wyatt