American Top Team with Carina Damm

A little peek into my home life. 

Some mamas are soccer moms. Others are basketball moms and softball moms. I'm a BJJ mom. A few months ago we signed up at American Top Team for the kids to learn the craft of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is such a way of life and community. Jaiden has his first tournament later this month and to prep another mom and I teamed up to get private coaching for the kids. 

The kids love Carina. Tate my middle kid is a cuddle bug, he loves Carina's nurturing nature, Jaiden loves how soft spoken and respected she is and Haddie ( who is too young to be in class yet) loves her as well and will be on another mat doing as she does during class. It has been a pleasure to have her take the kids on and coach them to prepare for success! 

Here are a few highlights from last night's private coaching with Carina Damm before their regular class.

Thank you Carina for letting me document this time!

Much love!