Caleb & Siara {Couple}

I always like to give a little back story about how I meet the people I get the pleasure of having in front of my camera.


Siara is our downstairs neighbor. She has a wiener dog that my kids are just bonkers for! They are always stopping her to say hi to Cody. After about the millionth time, you start to get to know people.  Siara now babysits my kiddos on occasion and is dubbed the "pretty babysitter" by my 2 boys. 

Caleb is a Professional MMA Fighter out of American Top Team in Coconut Creek Florida. My family and I knew he was not from here when we went to sign up at the gym and got a chatty friendly welcome (whoop whoop to the midwestern-ers). I knew I saw him before, but just could not put my finger on it. (He probably thought I was nuts because my obvious staring brain storming face). Then it totally clicked, when I realized I had met him when he was fascinated by our pet pig while visiting Siara. 

They met when Siara walked into the gym to get membership info. She must have known a sweet & handsome fighter would fall for her because I don't think she ever signed up hehe! Good tactic girl ! 

It had been a while since I worked with a couple. so I asked Siara if her and Caleb would be up for a session. 

These two hit it out of the park!  The snuggling. The laughter. I LOVED their whole gallery! They were such troopers and made every frame print worthy!

Enjoy the sweetness of these two! I know I did.