Collier City

Today I brought my kids to Collier City, Florida. 

We attend church at Coastal Community Church here in Coconut Creek. Once a month we have volunteers that get together and head out to be the Hands and Feet.

We provide Hot dogs, shaved ice, games, friendship, a healthy community and prayer and the power of Christ. 

I have decided I would never be able to go on a mission trip without our family growing. No, were not adopting .... unless God does a huge reconstruction on my heart and mamma emotions. Nevertheless, my heart is so big and aches for these kids. I want them to have the kind of home my children have. One that is filled with laughter, love, trust, cleanliness, a full fridge, compassion, understanding, respect and most of all JESUS.

Here are some image I was lucky enough to capture, along with some from my 6 yr old son Jaiden. He also had a camera. Oh how I love how I can help aid in his interest in photography and also show him how to serve God's people. 


God Bless. - Ashley


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