Marisa { Maternity}

Marisa and Cristhian are having a baby! 

Pregnancy is such a life changing 9 months. It allows you time to prepare your home for the needs of a baby, time to really soak in and cherish your spouse before you learn to juggle more then one's needs. To take in every good nights sleep and quiet moment. (And don't forget to enjoy a long hot shower and toilet break alone while you can!!)

It allows you time to grow and communicate as parents about parenting decisions you will agree and disagree on, to define your roles. Allows time to pray for your birth, your unborn and your growing family. It gives us mothers time to really wrap our heads around the fact that we are growing and nurturing a human within us. That you were chosen for this baby. God choose you. 

But no matter the tips, pointers, advice, books/articles/blogs, documentaries or the countless other things you may look to for reassurance in this crazy world wind of parenthood, you will never be fully prepared. You will win some, you will lose some. You will feel defeated at times and at other times you will be on cloud 9!

But the most important thing is to remember that God choose YOU! He choose YOU out of all the parents in the world. He knows you will Praise Him for this beautiful gift and He also knows you will need Him to help you with this beautiful gift! 

Let the Lord be the voice that carries you throughout your parenting journey. 

Congratulations Marisa & Cristhian! You are going to be beautiful parents! 


ashley wyatt