Engagement of Todd & Kemisha

I met Kemisha at the Starbucks, I was late. I'm not sure how that happens to me when I live around the corner, but it does. Praise Jesus she was so understanding!  (Y'all, I have three kids and a husband... I am bound to be struggling out the door with at least one attached to my ankle.) 

Anyways ;) I'm not sure we did much planning or talking about her session because we were laughing and " me too" " omg no way" and " oh girl"-ing the whole time!  We totally hit it off! I LOVE when that happens with clients. It just becomes so much more personal. 

So, come session day I was totally excited ! With lots of laughter, love, kissing, and admiring involved. Without further adieu, I'll let her images tell the rest! 

              TODD & KEMISHA