Where do books go to Die?

Where do books go to die? ... The Mountain of Knowledge. Well, in this case a loading dock behind Grace Works Ministries in Franklin, TN. 

A local Bookstore was evicted in Franklin, TN from their storage unit last Thursday. The storage company's owner piled all the belongings in the unit outside, per Tennessee Law, giving a chance for the evicted occupant to claim their belongings. 


I got a text from a friend telling us to go check it out.That being the first time I heard of the avalanche of books. I forwarded the picture she sent to my husband, because he is a big book worm. The day started and I didn't get out there as early as I would have hoped. Honestly, I almost didn't go at all because well, kids. Nevertheless, I made it out of the house. Not knowing where this Mountain of Knowledge as I'm calling it was, I just drove. Truth be told, it's the only way to keep my kiddos quiet sometimes.

I decided I would pull out my GPS and see if it was even near where I was. AHH, I was only 4 minutes away! Well, of course we just had to stop. And when we did, it started pouring! We waited until the rain stopped and headed behind the building.

The images speak for themselves. 



As the Sun rises in the East, We are there to greet you.

Press Play and Enjoy! 


I don't know of many kids that ask to wake up at 4am to watch the sun rise and welcome a new day. Come to think of it, I don't know many moms that would say Heck Yeah either. Well, my kids aren't "normal" and neither am I because, we have greeted the sun not once but at least a hand full of times while living in Florida these past 4 1/2 years. If you look past the groggy wake up call, its a magnificent way to start your day. As the sun rises on the east coast of Florida, we are there to meet it and say hello! 

We welcomed the sun with smiles, open arms, laughter, praise and admiration. What a Great way to be met in the morning!  

Here are what the kids had to say when I asked them Why they like and What they love about the beach......

Fish are nice, nice colors, I love fish. They are not fresh water fish, they are salt water fish. I try to catch em but they keep swimming away. And shells. I like the shells because they are nice colors too. I just want to pick em, bring them home and wash em. I like to learn about them and why they come to shore. Yeah, I like the beach.
— Jaiden
I like the waves because I fall into the water. The sand because I dig and sometimes I see turtle holes for eggs in them.
— Tate
Chase the birds. They eat me. Shells. Stingray. Ummm Ummmm OH, Miss Sarah!
— Hadasiah

Rain, Rain, Go Away...but not before we play.

Press Play and Soak in our Rainy Day! 

South Florida Summers are like Midwest winters in a sense that we stay in a lot and have to prepare for the 24/7 heat.  The pool ( which ends up being bath water warm), cold drinks, shady trees and early morning or late evening beach trips are pretty much how we roll.  So, when you get rain for days at the end of the school year and your school doesn't call a "rain day", mamma calls the shots!

They were ecstatic! Like think of 4th of July fireworks and the best gift ever, that kind of excitement. 


Our complex roads flooded completely. Cars were flooded, some parked next to the buildings (literally), forget wearing shoes, barefoot and sorts it was. It was a bit of a pain but for them it was magic! I decided to let them go out and play in the street before the flooding got worse. There was no direction, no " stand here" " look here" " jump again" . It was all them. Pure. Raw. Their own free spirits playing and enjoying life.  I loved watching them. To stand back and soak it in. To soak up and enjoy what I had a hand in creating and what I continue to mold. It doesn't happen as much as I like. But today, today was different. 

(It ended up raining for 3 days and the water reached between 12-15 inches. Multiple ponds flooded and there were even fish in the streets. Hello Noah's Ark!) A Gallon zip lock bag was used for gear protection (I could barley see what I was shooting with the rain and bag covering my screen.)


At the end of the day, Your feed should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling. -shanti
Hadasiah and Tate were telling me a car was coming. Jaiden was just being a goofball. 

Hadasiah and Tate were telling me a car was coming. Jaiden was just being a goofball. 

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. -Dr. Seuss

*No kids were put in danger in the making of childhood memories ;) 

Welcome Baby { Abigail Joy}

Press Play..............

The sounds of sweet little noises, a yawn or a sneeze. Their hands, their feet, eye lashes and sweet little cowlicks and swirls. New skin is so soft and fuzzy.

I'm not sure how they do it but every baby smells like heaven on earth. That "new baby" smell, you don't want them to grow out of.  Call me weird ( or just a normal mamma), but I take the biggest inhale when I'm around fresh babies. There is something just so nostalgic and new all at the same time. 

 Soak in the goodness of all things new, perfect, ornately designed and the most blessed  gift! 


Aizhan Family

I had the pleasure of meeting Aishan and her kiddos Dariya and Danay at American Top Team. ( you can see my previous post about our kiddos at private class here). Aizhan is from a little place close to Russia. She braved the overwhelming fear of relocating for the school year and traveled with her kids to America so that they can learn English. Pretty amazing right?? That jump takes so much dedication and love for your kids. To put yourself last. To leave your husband, family and friends. To want the best learning techniques for them that you cross countries for it to happen.   Mamma I applaud you! 

 We got to talking during the many hours our kids have class together. You can say we pretty much covered everything under the sun. It's so neat to hear about others lives outside of the U.S. When she realized I was a photographer she began to tell me that she has no pictures with her kids. Like NONE other then birth. 

Needless to say we booked one ASAP! It was so fun to watch Aizhan play and enjoy her kids on the beach. The giggles and laughter, the fun and messy sand, it all just makes me so happy! 

With each session I do, I love to get a few  images of mom. We get overlooked sometimes and our beauty may go unnoticed with all the mom-ing we do. Can I just say she is so gorgeous! You cannot help but smile back at her. For me, being a mom myself, I really like to just soak in these moms and who they are and what they have to offer. She is strong and powerful inside and out! 

Press play and enjoy this sweet mamma and her kiddos!