Hey, Welcome! 

Thank you for wanting to get to know me! 

I'm an artist at heart and a but quirky!

Things I like...

Singing, Latin Dance, Zumba, Lifting, Painting, Pasta; hence why I found love in Zumba and lifting ;) Finding new Mom&Pop shops, thrifting and Going to the Beach just to name a few.

AND....I may just break out into this really ridiculous dance that I don't even understand. Your definitely special if you get to whiteness that ! Even I'm like What the whaaaat just happened?!?!? 



 With the birth of my 3 children a lot of my favorite stuff was put on the back burner, but one BEAUTIFUL thing emerged aside from those obvious gifts, my PASSION for PHOTOGRAPHY.

I am one busy mama, but with the dedicated help and constant encouragement and push from my husband ( he is my biggest supporter and that loving voice that keeps me perusing the best of myself) , I was able to grow my passion for photography into my beautiful business. It really is precious to me and I have you; my clients, who often become my friends, to thank for trusting me with your time and love!  

- Ashley

Ephesians 4:2



5th runner up for Tea Break Togs "Thursday Theme" Studio

License: North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners '07- Current