I am an artist.  But my love of art is not just contained by photography.

I sing.

I play guitar ( although I'm not sure at what point it becomes past tense since I am a wee bit rusty).

I love creating with my hands (from power tools to watercolor to sewing).

I am a licensed cosmetologist .

I taught Zumba.

I love everything musical related.

And my way of geeking out is editing all your beautiful images!

You see, art is creating. A form of expression. Being a photographer I get to bring all of my artistic background with me. Years of creating experience to guide me.  With that comes my awkwardness, It goes where I go ( proof in that super awesome pic above). I'm naturally an introvert. But because of my love of art, my quirkiness has bloomed and the extrovert has learned to come out and blend with the  introvert. 

I am not just a photographer.






Ephesians 4:2


Featured image with Purple Matress

5th runner up for Tea Break Togs "Thursday Theme" Studio

License: North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners '07- Current